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Our glass curtains system is complimented with different types of accessories such as door handles and knobs, locks and fastening systems.

Like the rest of the system, the accessories used by IDEAterrazas® are produced using the highest quality materials and go through various tests.



Our standard locking system is comprised of two separate locking devices:

  • A lower lock which blocks the system.
  • An upper lock incorporating a ventilation system which can be set in two positions:
    1. The blocking position, which completely locks the system.
    2. The ventilation position which leaves a small opening so that fresh air can circulate and the area to be ventilated. This position can even be used in windy conditions. If a security lock is fitted, the ventilation position is eliminated.

In order to open the system, both upper and lower locks have to be released. This ensures that if small children open the lower lock, the system will still remained blocked by the upper lock.

In addition to the standard locking system, we can also offer different types of door knobs and handles with security locks to offer additional protection in the opening of our glass curtains. Our most popular are the silver door knobs and the door knob with security lock, which allows access from both inside and outside.


To hold the gathered panels in place when the glazing system is opened, there are two types of fastening devices available. One is our standard adjustable, elastic cord which is attached to the wall and is looped to the lower runners of the opened panels. This can be upgraded to an alternative option: a metal runner, attached to the corner of the lower rail with a moveable metal lever and rubber seal which hold the glass panels in place.


Our glass curtains are installed with 2-4 mm gaps between the glass panels to ensure the sides of the panels don’t come into direct contact with one another, to avoid friction and breakages. We provide plastic strips which are inserted in between the glass panels which act as a very effective seal against any wind and rain. The seals are available in different shapes and thicknesses according to the type of system installed. Plastic strips will last from 2- to 4 years, depending on the amount exposure to direct sunlight and can be replaced at any time.


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Our reputation speaks for itself, should that not be enough, for extra piece of mind we offer 10 years guarantee on glass curtains, 5 years guarantee on awnings and 2 years guarantee on roofs, conditions apply. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.