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IDEAterrazas® offers you the best mobile or fixed roofs, with high quality materials and excellent professionalism. We work with the leading manufacturer of aluminium and wooden roofs, offering the best product along with the best roof installation service.

Below you will find a wide range of examples of our mobile or fixed roof products, perfect for creating or expanding new spaces in your home, restaurant or premises allowing you to enjoy your terrace, patio, garden, attic, restaurant, recreational area, etc. throughout the year without carrying out any type of construction work and with finishes that offer the best quality and durability. To top it off we can supply fixed or mobile roofs for virtually any application.

Our mobile and fixed roof structures are made with the best hard-wearing materials. We offer a 2-year guarantee on materials (structure, aluminium and wood is included). Just call us for a professional consultation to find the best possible solution to meet your needs. For any additional information, please contact us now.


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